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High mileages in the equestrian endurance sport put special demands on the saddle. Main goal is to ensure the economic, powersaving movement of the horse. Therefore the equine partner must be supported in its best use of its ligaments as well as using its spine as a sustainable 'bridge-construction'.

Therefore the saddletree must be shaped in a way to allow and support this 'bridge-construction' and providing the horse with maximum comfort at the same time.

  • Extended clearance in the shoulder area, to enable a better motion of the frontlegs

  • Correct length of the saddle tree, to take away loads and pressure from the lumbar part of the spine

  • CR-Sliding-Ontree-Rigging for an improved decrease in load

For Riders

Up- and downhill, on whatever terrain, the endurance riders must be balanced companions of their horses to reach the next vet-gate or the finish line healthy and easily.

Bent or cramped postures in the saddle inevitably lead to tension and unfavorable loads, even to serious healthissues in the long run for the horse. Main goal is for both horse and rider to reach the finish line healthy and painless. Equine physical problems are very often the result of 'wrong' postures of the rider.

  • Balanced bodyposition through an optimally shaped seat

  • Shape and position of fenders right below the center of gravity allow correct legposition

  • Optimal length of the saddletree to balance the rider's weight correctly



Compared to conventional 'western-saddles' a lot of leather can be spared with the CR-Endurance saddles. The carbon-reinforced saddle tree and the necessary leathers sum total to 10 kg total weight.

Looking at the anatomy of the horse critically with it's necessity of the 'bridge structure' of the horse's back under the rider, will inevitably lead you to the conclusion that the weight distribution and load decrease combined with the right balance of the rider are the main influencing factors.

Results of our test riders have shown the priority of the balance over the weight of the saddle, both in training and in competition.


  • Careful individual production of your saddle in Austria

  • Highest quality leather from Austria, Germany and the USA

  • Genuine Austrian sheepskin lining

  • Stirrupleather made of "ORS" ("Original Riemen und Strupfenleder" - which is well known for it's sturdiness and durability)


  • Personal service at several bases in Austria and the neighbouring countries

  • Individual consultation for finding the perfect saddletree

  • If needed - production of a custom tailored saddletree


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